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Turning 65 and what you need to know

Posted by on October 31, 2011 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

    When it comes to turning 65 and begining Medicare is a confusing time for everybody. Understanding Medicare and what it is, is very important for you and your families future. The most frequently asked questions are, Do i need a Medicare supplement poilicy? or a Medicare advantage policy? If so what is it? and how can i get it? We are here to answer these questions you may have. Below is a brief overview of these important questions.

        When you turn 65 if  you are already drawing social security  you are automattically enrolled into Medicare part A, and part B and your Mediare card will automattically be sent to you. If you are not drawing social security you will need to contact the social security office to get part B set up.

     Once you are enrolled into part A and Part B you are eligable to sign up for a supplemental policy (example is a plan F) or a Medicare advantage policy (example is a HMO or a PPO).  Each works differently. Supplemental policies you have higher premiums and also have to purchase a stand alone prescription drug program, but will cover the gaps that orignal mediare leaves, depending on what type of supplement policy.

     On a Medicare advantage policy you have lower premiums, but have co-pays. The Prescription drug plan is built right in on most Medicare advantage polices. A Medicare advantage policy combines Part A, Part B, and Part D. One thing to be aware of is on a HMO Medicare advantage policy, is that you have to pick a primary care physican from that companies provider book. HMO's are way more limited than PPO's. Also on a HMO you need a referal from your primary care physican to see a specialist. There are many different plans and benifits out there, call us anytime to get informed on the plans for this upcoming year.




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